Luke Martin

Since getting involved in crypto I've shared my analysis and trading ideas publicly on Twitter and in my free discord community. As a full time trader and analyst I work daily to bring you my favorite  trade setups, updates on important market drivers and thoughts on portfolio strategy. Crypto Sync is the best way for me to share those insights to you efficiently without all the noise from Twitter or other mediums. Thousands of traders are already using it as a resource to assist in their own active trading, casual investing, and understanding of the market as whole. I look forward to working with you and am confident you will enjoy Crypto Sync.

Why subscribe to Crypto Sync?

Curating information to stay in tune with the market is tough. Crypto Sync makes it easier to keep up by delivering analysis without the noise. It's the most efficient way to stay current for traders and investors alike looking for checking trends, market reviews, new trade ideas, and tracking key moves giving you a second set of eyes to scan the market.

How much does it cost?

$50 per month for the daily Crypto Sync livestream/webinar AND access to discord with explanations for all concepts covered in the daily stream: trade examples, charts with full explanation, and key trend updates. Most prefer to use the stream to keep up but for more active traders the discord is a setting to work with experienced traders + get questions answered. You are free to cancel at anytime.

Can I get a free trial or test?

To get a preview of the daily stream for subscribers click HERE to see the most recent daily stream with trade ideas, trend analysis and market review. he free Discord and check the VentureCoinist Twitter page. Crypto Sync is NOT a signal service. We do not offer trade advice or feature an investment portfolio. We simply detail trades we are placing, the most attractive charts explained, thoughts on portfolio strategy, and key themes developing. The public content allows you to verify the quality of analysis and information for yourself. Crypto Sync takes it a step further.